HCS Surveillance Gadget

The HCS Gadget (patent pending; patent notice US Pat. No. 9,582,838) is a real-time, rules-driven, desktop notification system that alerts caregivers when certain thresholds are triggered. The HCS Gadget is unique in that it operates unobtrusively across workstations, whether or not all workstations are part of the health system’s electronic medical record (EMR). Alerts are defined and customized to each user's role and the alert’s severity level, providing real-time trending simply, visually, and intuitively.

Key Features

  • Accepts inbound data feeds via HL7, CCD, or CCDA protocols
  • Queries databases for select data elements
  • Identifies patients requiring intervention
  • Pushes alerts to desktop regardless of application
  • Allows instant access to targeted patients for resolution of issue
  • Provides intervention documentation
  • Improves Core Measures and decreases readmission rates
  • Improves HCAHPS (CAHPS Hospital Survey)

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