HCS Safety Checks

HCS Safety Checks (US Patent No. 11,869,638) is an electronic patient monitoring system and rounding tool that replaces a paper-reliant method of tracking and recording patients' status. While patient safety check monitoring is mandatory in behavioral health facilities and also commonly practiced in high-acuity clinics, surgical suites, emergency rooms and nursing homes, a paper safety check process can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Using a combination of patient pictures, surveillance status, configurable interval requirements, and visual cues, HCS Safety Checks provides clinicians and technicians with an improved software supported workflow that streamlines timely, accurate patient care and documentation. While not required, when used with a patient proximity device, an additional security layer is offered by providing confirmation of the surveyor’s proximity to the patient during the observation.

Capable of stand-alone application or use in conjunction with an electronic medical record, HCS Safety Checks results in greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency, which ultimately provides better outcomes while enforcing greater compliance. Compliance requirements and audit metrics are easily accessed via the onboard analytics dashboard.

  • Intuitive electronic workflow
  • Straightforward design aids rapid adoption
  • Configurable visual cues and risk indicators
  • Unique patient identifier and proximity device
  • Embedded analytics
  • Audit and compliance roll-up and reporting
  • SQL Server Database with bi-directional ADT
  • Secure – Data resides on server, not user devices