Assessments & Documentation

HCS Assessments

A comprehensive and flexible toolset that enables clinicians to assess, review, document and follow up on patient status. The HCS Assessments Design Kit allows users to create and/or customize clinician level documentation based on existing or prospective workflows. If your facility currently documents on paper or another EHR, the HCS Assessments Design Kit provides the flexibility to mimic your existing documents while capturing data discretely. The end user can select from a library of existing assessments, build custom assessments, or both. Assessments can be used as a one-time documentation event or as an ongoing documentation with configurations that allow the facility to specify data entry as optional or required. Data entry can be accomplished via text input, drop-down select, radio button and multi-select options making customization simple and workflows effective. Below is an abbreviated list of available templates.

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • History and Physical
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Intake Assessment
  • Psychosocial History
  • Activity Therapy
  • Dietary Assessments

HCS Care Plans

Is a clinician documentation modules used to evaluate, manage and design a patient’s specific plan of care efficiently and thoroughly. HCS Care Plans are highly flexible and efficient due to their template driven radio button + text design. Almost all data entry and follow up can be done via single and multi-select radio buttons or response driven drop downs. When required, responses can also be documented via detailed comments. The HCS Care Plan Design Kit is template driven and designed to make data entry as efficient as possible. Templates are an easy way to configure care plans to mimic your current workflow and our design kits make it easy to create a similar look and feel of current forms. Below is an abbreviated list of available templates for your approval or customization.

  • Inpatient Treatment Plans
  • Partial Hospital Treatment Plans (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Plan (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment Plans
  • Nursing discharge note / plan
  • MD discharge plan / summary

HCS Progress Notes

Is a Clinician Documentation solution specific to tracking patient’s progress against specific goals. Progress Notes are quick because most templates allow the clinician to click single box or multiple boxes. Depending on answers to questions, the clinician may be presented with request for additional information. Templates are easily customized to provide similar look and feel of current forms. Below is a list of currently available templates for your approval or customization.

  • Nursing notes
  • MD progress notes
  • Therapist and Family therapy notes
  • Milieu notes (Read More)
  • Group therapy notes

HCS Connect

The HCS Connect integration tool provides a direct link to Truven Health Analytics educational content. With a single action—a mouse right-click,keystroke, or mouse click on a bubble, floating bubble, or button—a clean package of patient education is generated based on data within the hospital information system (such as demographics, problems, medications, and lab results) and transferred to the legal medical record.

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HCS Corrections Solutions

HCS Corrections Solutions is a versatile electronic medical record that seamlessly integrates with pharmacy information systems. Simply designed, it provides one point of access to document patient encounters, medication administration (including the documentation of vital signs, blood glucose, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), and provider orders.

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HCS eMAR is an electronic medication administration record solution proven to improve patient safety and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation. Hospitals using HCS eMAR have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors and a reduction of 45% in documentation time.

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The HCS eMR is a workflow-driven EHR that has been highly successful at driving rapid and highly cross-functional user adoption. HCS eMR allows your hospital to meet all requirements for meaningful use even if you have multiple health information systems or non-certified systems.

Real World Testing can be found at this link:  HCSRealWorldTestingPlan.pdf

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HCS ePharmacy

HCS ePharmacy builds on the key features of HCS MEDICS to provide a new generation of pharmacy system from HCS. Using HCS ePharmacy, pharmacists have the capability to quickly and accurately complete medication order entry, verification, and clinical alerts documentation. HCS ePharmacy is on the HCS eMR platform, residing on the same database as other HCS clinical solutions for real-time communication with no interfaces required.

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HCS Medication Reconciliation

HCS Medication Reconciliation automates medication history retrieval and provides a solution that exceeds the Joint Commission standard. Within seconds of a patient’s admission or transfer, HCS Medication Reconciliation provides clinicians with a detailed report of the patient’s prior medication history, including drug strength, quantity, and original fill and last refill dates. Alerts for possible medication interactions, duplicate drug therapies, compliance issues, and formulary interchanges are displayed. Clinicians can immediately create a drug order and/or enter additional medications.

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HCS MEDICS pharmacy information system is built upon more than 30 years of clinical experience and has been rated one of the best pharmacy information systems available. HCS MEDICS delivers features designed to make your pharmacy efficient and safe while improving patient safety. As the legacy product and the “one that started it all” for Health Care Systems, MEDICS is incredibly affordable and exceptionally scalable.

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HCS OrderImage

HCS OrderImage electronically manages paper (hard copy) physician orders and other documents. Like all of the HCS clinical software solutions, it is designed to meet the specific needs of health care facilities, and includes integrated tools for clinical intervention documentation and reporting at no additional charge. HCS OrderImage also provides a messaging function that improves communication between the pharmacy and nursing staff, as well as additional features to improve pharmacy workflow so that pharmacists can focus on high priority orders before routine orders.

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HCS Safety Checks

HCS Safety Checks (patent-pending) is an electronic patient monitoring system and rounding tool that replaces a paper-reliant method of tracking and recording patients' status. While patient safety check monitoring is mandatory in behavioral health facilities and also commonly practiced in high-acuity clinics, surgical suites, emergency rooms and nursing homes, a paper safety check process can be time-consuming and error-prone.

Using a combination of patient pictures, surveillance status, configurable interval requirements, and visual cues, HCS Safety Checks provides clinicians and technicians with an improved software supported workflow that streamlines timely, accurate patient care and documentation. While not required, when used with a patient proximity device, an additional security layer is offered by providing confirmation of the surveyor’s proximity to the patient during the observation.

Capable of stand-alone application or use in conjunction with an electronic medical record, HCS Safety Checks results in greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency, which ultimately provides better outcomes while enforcing greater compliance. Compliance requirements and audit metrics are easily accessed via the onboard analytics dashboard.

  • Intuitive electronic workflow
  • Straightforward design aids rapid adoption
  • Configurable visual cues and risk indicators
  • Unique patient identifier and proximity device
  • Embedded analytics
  • Audit and compliance roll-up and reporting
  • SQL Server Database with bi-directional ADT
  • Secure – Data resides on server, not user devices

HCS Surveillance Gadget

The HCS Gadget is a real-time, rules-driven, desktop notification system that alerts caregivers when certain thresholds are triggered. The HCS Gadget is unique in that it operates unobtrusively across workstations, whether or not all workstations are part of the health system’s electronic medical record (EMR). Alerts are defined and customized to each user's role and the alert’s severity level, providing real-time trending simply, visually, and intuitively.

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