HCS MEDICS pharmacy information system is built upon more than 30 years of clinical experience and has been rated one of the best pharmacy information systems available. HCS MEDICS delivers features designed to make your pharmacy efficient and safe while improving patient safety. As the legacy product and the “one that started it all” for Health Care Systems, MEDICS is incredibly affordable and exceptionally scalable.

HCS MEDICS was designed by pharmacists and is a proven medication management solution that’s been tried and tested for 30 years. HCS MEDICS has an intuitive user interface that reacts the way a pharmacist does. Health Care Systems (HCS) understands that pharmacy information systems are critical to any medical facility and works to ease implementation worries by delivering personalized support before, during, and after the installation. Prior to installation, HCS creates all major databases required for transactions including formulary data, physician files, patient care unit room and bed information, as well as frequencies, protocols and mnemonics HCS provides on-site training for hospital personnel who will utilize the software application as well as those who will support system maintenance. MEDICS operates natively within Unix, Linux, Aix or Windows and fits easily within a single database, single server deployment. HCS MEDICS supports all standard interfaces via Hl7 and has extensive experience interfacing to all market deployed automated dispensing devices.

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