HCS ePharmacy

HCS ePharmacy builds on the key features of HCS MEDICS to provide a new generation of pharmacy system from HCS. Using HCS ePharmacy, pharmacists have the capability to quickly and accurately complete medication order entry, verification, and clinical alerts documentation. HCS ePharmacy is on the HCS eMR platform, residing on the same database as other HCS clinical solutions for real-time communication with no interfaces required.

HCS ePharmacy displays the common ways a medication is ordered, including common sigs, and learns physician prescribing habits in order to create a list of physician favorite medications with the often used dose, route, and frequency. This allows a clinician to add orders to the system with a single click. Physician specific or system wide order sets and keyboard shortcuts for frequently used actions help make the practice of generating multiple orders fast and effective.

HCS ePharmacy uses color to display whether meds are formulary or non-formulary, which aids in automatic therapeutic interchange. Cost information can also be displayed, guiding clinicians to select cost effective medications.

What can ePharmacy do to Improve Patient Safety and Support Preferred Workflows?

  • Communicates with unit based cabinets, registration, and clinical systems
  • Pharmacy technicians can enter orders for pharmacists to verify
  • Therapeutic Class sort available; user selected sorting
  • Allergies from registration or updated in pharmacy
  • Authorization Roles to restrict/enhance access and functionality
  • Reports can be customized easily
  • Auto calculates stop time based on duration
  • On the fly adjustment to scheduled times
  • Built-in and custom clinical alerts
  • Learned most frequently ordered medications by physicians
  • Order sets and mnemonics

Built-in clinical alerts increases patient safety and enhances user adoption

  • Drug Allergy Checking
  • Drug-Drug Interaction Checking - alerts display based on levels of severity
  • Alerts for BP, Pulse, Blood Glucose, INH and other

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