Health Care Systems, Inc. (HCS) was founded in 1983 by a pharmacist and a software engineer who shared a vision of developing clinical software applications to meet the needs of hospitals and health care facilities. As the client base steadily grew, so did HCS’s clinical software offerings. Today, HCS develops and distributes innovative software solutions to hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the United States. 

HCS clinical software solutions are designed by clinicians who understand the needs of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, caregivers, case managers, and other health care professionals. By integrating with existing hospital information systems as well as non-hospital data sources, our health care applications connect multiple medical data systems, resulting in highly-intuitive specialty-specific workflows, improved accuracy, and real-time data-driven information. These benefits are just some of the reasons that HCS solutions are used by thousands of clinicians across hundreds of hospitals, behavioral health clinics, and prisons nationwide.

HCS has a proven track record of delivering affordable systems and on-time implementations. Each system is backed by HCS Support, a highly-skilled and centralized team of professionals who provide 24/7/365 assistance—ensuring that each customer who calls speaks with a real human being. From our offices in Montgomery, Alabama, our support staff is here to support your staff, whatever their need may be.