Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is available here in PDF format as well as in the below text:

1.0 Purpose and Scope

The Health Care Systems, Inc. Privacy Policy defines the requirements for the Health Care Systems, Inc. Workforce to ensure protection of confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information, including Protected Health Information (“PHI”), Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”), Personal Information (“PI”), Personal Data (“PD”), Personal Health Information, and/or other sensitive information (collectively, “Sensitive Information”) at Health Care Systems, Inc. (“Health Care Systems, Inc.”) and as required under applicable laws, as defined in Appendix A.

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HCS eMR Real World Testing

Real World Testing is a requirement outlined in the ONC 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule for all health IT developers participating in the ONC Health IT Certification Program (reference). The purpose of this annual Condition and Maintenance of Certification requirement is for Certified Health IT Developers to demonstrate interoperability and functionality of their certified health IT in real world settings and scenarios, rather than in a controlled test environment with an ONC-Authorized Testing Lab. Real World Testing verifies that deployed Certified Health IT continues to perform as intended by conducting and measuring observations of interoperability and data exchange.

Test Plan and Results


Test Plan


Health Care Systems, Inc. (HCS) was founded in 1983 by a pharmacist and a software engineer who shared a vision of developing clinical software applications to meet the needs of hospitals and health care facilities. As the client base steadily grew, so did HCS’s clinical software offerings. Today, HCS develops and distributes innovative software solutions to hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the United States. 

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At HCS, we understand the needs of health care facilities because we are medical professionals too. We know that medical centers are complex environments that maintain large volumes of crucial information, often in disparate systems, and understand that superior health care relies on all team members being able to access accurate and complete information quickly. 

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HCS is discerning when it comes to selecting our business partners. Each partner must share our goals and principles, have a stellar reputation, and hold a long track record of proven results.

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HCS is proud of our mission to develop the best clinical software solutions in the industry. Our team of clinical designers and technical developers is the key to our innovative and best-in-class medical software applications. Our dedicated sales, services, and support professionals empower our clients to select a customized clinical health care solution, implement it in record time, and operate it successfully.

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