HCS OrderImage

HCS OrderImage electronically manages paper (hard copy) physician orders and other documents. Like all of the HCS clinical software solutions, it is designed to meet the specific needs of health care facilities, and includes integrated tools for clinical intervention documentation and reporting at no additional charge. HCS OrderImage also provides a messaging function that improves communication between the pharmacy and nursing staff, as well as additional features to improve pharmacy workflow so that pharmacists can focus on high priority orders before routine orders.

HCS OrderImage employs document imaging technology that leverages existing input devices such as scanners, fax machines, or multifunction devices. Documents are translated into electronic format and transmitted from decentralized locations to the pharmacy queue, allowing pharmacists to view orders from any location. In multi-facility environments, HCS OrderImage promotes workload sharing by offering a single-view queue that shows all orders for all facilities in the appropriate order prioritization without requiring users to sign on multiple times.

HCS OrderImage enables remote order verification, which saves time and money for pharmacies that are not open 24 hours. Using a secure Internet connection, pharmacists can view, enter, and communicate with nursing from anywhere in the hospital or from home.

Key Features

  • Captures faxed or scanned written orders in an electronic format
  • Organizes images by priority, location, or document type
  • Stores orders electronically
  • Manipulates images
  • Allows annotation, stamping, and highlighting of images
  • Incorporates barcode recognition technology
  • Provides clinical intervention documentation
  • Enables pharmacy/nursing communication with notes, messages, and annotations

Additional Benefits

  • Time savings
    • Organized order entry workflow
    • Electronic storage/retrieval of orders
  • Faster order turnaround time
  • Reduced errors
  • Remote verification of orders
  • Reduced cost (eliminate cost of paper order forms and storage requirements)
  • Improved workflow for nurses (nurses can see where orders are located in the pharmacy work list and communicate more easily with pharmacy staff)
  • Improved workflow and processes for pharmacy (pharmacists can see orders and communicate with clinical staff from remote locations)

For more information on how HCS OrderImage can help you, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will HCS OrderImage work with my pharmacy information system?
Yes, HCS OrderImage will work with any pharmacy information system.

How long does it take to implement HCS OrderImage?
It takes approximately 2-4 weeks to implement HCS OrderImage for a single facility. A customized project plan is created for each client and a project manager is assigned to ensure the implementation is successful and on-time.

Will I have to buy or lease hardware from HCS to use HCS OrderImage?
No, HCS OrderImage does not require proprietary hardware. HCS provides configurations that are specialized per customer. We encourage facilities to use fax machines, scanners, or multi-function devices that are already in place whenever possible. Often, order entry workstations can be upgraded quickly with a second monitor to create a dual monitor view in the pharmacy. Out on the nursing floors, or on pharmacist laptops, the application can also run in a single monitor view, allowing the user to toggle between screens.