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At HCS, we've worked with hundreds of hospitals across the nation to simplify and streamline medication reconciliation.  While every hospital has a goal of improving patient safety and saving time, every hospital is unique. 
HCS Medication Reconciliation is flexible enough to enhance hospital specific workflows while supporting and exceeding the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goals, and complying with Stage 1 meaningful use requirements.  Your goals for medication reconciliation are our goals.

HCS Medication Reconciliation simplifies the process of reconciling a patient’s medication therapy across the continuum of care.  The solution includes the ability to 1) obtain a patient’s Prior Medication History including Medication Fill and Refill Information and previous visit information, 2) analyze Prior Medication History, 3) provide Medication Transfer and Discharge Reports electronically or through printed media, 4) provide Discharge Prescriptions including Patient Medication Education Monographs and Prescriptions, and 5) Communicate and link directly to existing hospital clinical information systems. HCS Medication Reconciliation has been proven to save time and increase accuracy during medication reconciliation:

  • 2.4 more critical medications identified during admission
  • 50% increase in computerized physician order entry
  • 51 minute reduction in time to reconcile
  • 23% increase in ordered critical medications

How HCS Medication Reconciliation software Works
Upon the patient's admission, clinicians are provided within seconds with a detailed report of a patient’s prior medication history, including drug strength, quantity, and original fill and last refill dates. Alerts for possible medication interactions, duplicate drug therapies, compliance issues, and formulary interchanges are displayed to the clinician. At admission and transfer, clinicians can immediately create a drug order and/or input additional medications. Upon discharge, a similar view allows reconciliation of inpatient medications and home medications, enabling medication reorder and the addition of new medications.  New medication orders can be electronically faxed, or sent by e-prescription to the patient's pharmacy of choice.  HCS also provides patients education materials in English or other languages, and supports core measures goals by providing customized education based on patient demographics, diagnosis, lab information, etc. To complete the process, HCS enables transmission of the discharge medication list to the patient and the next care provider. HCS Medication Reconciliation software can reduce clinician workload by streamlining medication management processes and can integrate with any existing hospital information system.


Key Features of HCS Medication Reconciliation software

  • Simple merged medication list allows reconciliation on one screen for both inpatient and home medications
  • Interfaces with other hospital information systems
  • Supports single-sign on for easy system access; CCOW compliant
  • Core measures alerts and tracking
  • Home medications provided from retail prescription data
  • Physician order entry
  • E-Prescribing
  • Automatic electronic faxing
  • Customizable filters and reports
HCS Medication Reconciliation is part of a complete certified EHR, HCS eMR version 4.0.  HCS eMR is 2011/2012 compliant for Stage 1 meaningful use.  Click here to go to CCHIT to see HCS certification for medication reconciliation (170.302(j))HCS Medication Reconciliation is also CCOW compliant, allowing hospitals to launch HCS from their system without having to log in again or look up the patient again.

Want to learn more about how medication reconciliation can be simplified at your hospital and integrated with your clinical information systems?  Give us a call at 334.279.9711, or just enter your information in the fields below, and a representative from HCS will contact you!


“PharmaCare Services first choice for pharmacy software is MEDICS, and there's a reason for that. It has robust functionality, but is still easy to use. Our company provides Pharmacy Management Services to a variety of Health Care Facilities, and MEDICS fits well in all of them.“

-John Fuller
Principle/CEO, PharmaCare Services