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Hospitals using HCS eMAR have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors, as well as a reduction of 45% in documentation time

HCS eMAR (electronic medication administration record) is a medication administration software solution proven to improve patient safety and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation. Clinicians can easily document medication administrations, vital signs, and other observations, and are alerted if clinical actions need to be taken.  Clinical alerts can be displayed visually within the medication administration software, via email or pager, through reports, or through the integrated Status Board.  The Status Board is included with HCS eMAR, and can be displayed on a monitor or television at the nursing stations.  It provides a view of rooms where patients have due or overdue medications, medication response evaluation needs and/or a need for vital signs to be taken.  The Status Board helps eliminate medication omissions and allows nurses to easily see if actions need to be taken for a patient -- all without the nurse having to log into a computer.

HCS eMAR streamlines medication administration with the capability to read a unit dose barcode label and reconcile that information to the patient's medication record.  This feature prevents errors and supports the patient's rights (including Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time).  Using a barcode reader to document administrations saves time and increases accuracy.  HCS eMAR provides a safety net to improve processes and eliminate the opportunity for error before a medication reaches the patient.

Key Features include:

  • Easy look and feel
  • Barcode medication administration
  • Works with multiple devices (PDAs, Laptops, computers on wheels, tablet PCs, etc.)
  • Flexible clinical screening and documentation functions
    • First dose response documentation
    • Pain scale and pain scale follow up
    • Problem Lists
    • Core Measures alerts and documentation
    • Prep mode for nurse prepared therapies
  • Interfaces with other clinical information systems
  • Integrated Status Board reduces errors of omission and late medications
  • Nurse entered orders with witness capabilities
  • Flexible authorization settings that support RNs, LPNs, student nurses, etc.
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“PharmaCare Services first choice for pharmacy software is MEDICS, and there's a reason for that. It has robust functionality, but is still easy to use. Our company provides Pharmacy Management Services to a variety of Health Care Facilities, and MEDICS fits well in all of them.“

-John Fuller
Principle/CEO, PharmaCare Services